Friday, July 1, 2016

utter app- you are in Santo Blog

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WPS hole

The router has a eight-digit PIN that you need to enter on your devices to connect. Rather than check the entire eight-digit PIN at once, the router checks the first four digits separately from the last four digits. This makes WPS PINs very easy to “brute force” by guessing different combinations. There are only 11,000 possible four-digit codes, and once the brute force software gets the first four digits right, the attacker can move on to the rest of the digits. Many consumer routers don’t time out after a wrong WPS PIN is provided, allowing attackers to guess over and over again. A WPS PIN can be brute-forced in about a day. [Source] Anyone can use software named “Reaver” to crack a WPS PIN.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mini milita game short commands to spice up game play

GG - Good game

CM - Cover me!

MO - Move out!

GM - God they got me!

NS - Nice shot

WP - You wanna peace of me?

NN - Nooo!

RU - Ready up!

CB - Come on, boy!

HH - Hooah!

LG - Let's go, yeah!

BI - Bring it!

Friday, November 21, 2014

 This i a bout a story of a little fat boy. How he gets in to fitness and how is life changes. The name of hero is santo. His age is 12. He was so fatty. He grown as a normal kid like others at his young age. But because of over eating of junk foods, he becomes so big. Because of young age, he doesn't care about his physique. But the when the years started to pass by, he grown bigger bigger and bigger. At age of 14, his parents decided to send him to tuition, so that he studies well. They where searching for a good tuition center. That time a girl of their colony suggested him to come to her tuition center, where she is studying. So his parents also decided to send him there. That decision brought a big change in his life. He likes that girl, she was very gorgeous and he found her to be most beautiful girl in the world.

guys comment below, so i can continue the story..............